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Authorisation & Registration

Before your fish or shellfish business can commence farming, you must apply for authorisation as an aquaculture production business (APB).

Authorisation will only be granted on the condition that you fulfil certain criteria, which include:

  • provide and maintain details of your business for inclusion on a publicly available register of fish and shellfish farms
  • keep fish movement and mortality records, including details of fish mortalities during transport and the movement of dead fish or shellfish
  • take part in a risk-based surveillance scheme
  • use acceptable good hygiene practice
  • notify the Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) of any breach or suspected breach in containment
  • provide access to your farm to Fish Health Inspectors for inspection and sampling

Application Process

To apply to have your fish or shellfish business authorised, you need to complete the 'Application for authorisation of an Aquaculture Production Business' form and the 'Aquatic animal holding site details' form. 

To complete these forms you need to provide information including:

  • contact details for the business and associated sites
  • a map showing the site's location and its boundaries
  • information on the type of water supply in use
  • details of the species and life stages of fish or shellfish to be stocked
  • a 'biosecurity measures plan' detailing measures in place at each farm site to prevent the introduction and minimise the transmission of disease

Guidance notes on filling in the forms and further information about the authorisation process can be found on the Authorisation and Registration pages.

If you have any questions please contact the Duty Inspector by either calling 0131 244 3498 or emailing ms.fishhealth@gov.scot