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Results - Regional Proposal Assessment Committees

On these pages you will find a list of cases which were presented to the June 2013, and June and September 2012 Regional Proposal Assessment Committees (RPACs), along with an indication of whether each case has been approved in full, approved in part or rejected. Applicants should be aware that approval of the plan is always subject to final eligibility of all costs being confirmed, and they will receive the detail of what support they may receive when they get their contract.

The purpose of these pages is to give applicants and agents an early indication of their case status, as soon as possible after the Cabinet Secretary's announcement. Applicants or their nominated agents will receive a letter confirming the RPAC's decision, and providing advice on next steps.

If your case has been approved, in full or in part, please note that no work can commence on projects until a contract has been formally issued, signed and returned. If work does commence before receipt of your signed contract, it will affect your entitlement to receive some, or all, of your Rural Priorities support.

If your case does not appear in the list, please contact your Case Officer for advice.