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RPAC Payment Rates

These pages contain information on the maximum grant rates available under Rural Priorities. The information should be read in conjunction with individual Option guidance.

Important - Please note that there may be a maximum grant available of €200,000* for Businesses with one or more Proposals affected by State Aid rules. Proposals which may be subject grant restrictions include:

  • Any non-agricultural competitive activities
  • Any competitive (non-community) activities under Axis 3

If this is likely to affect your proposed activity/project, please contact your Case Officer for further advice.

* - You can view the EUR/GBP exchange rate on the European Commission website.

Where a Proposal contains an application for funding for capital items/works based on either standard costs or actual costs, a grant percentage rate (intervention rate) is applied to the approved eligible costs. The maximum potential intervention rates are detailed in the guidance for each Option.

  • The Diversification Outwith Agriculture Option has a maximum intervention rate of 50% on actual eligible costs. Therefore, if the approved eligible costs totalled £25,000, the maximum grant which could be approved would be £12,500 (£25,000 x 50%).
  • The Mown Grassland for Corn Buntings Option has a maximum intervention rate of 100% on standard cost items. Therefore, if the application includes 600 metres of fence removal, the maximum grant payable for this work would be £1,200 (600 metres x £2 per metre payment rate x 100% maximum intervention rate).

Initially, all approved Proposals will be awarded the maximum grant intervention rate available under the Option(s) applied for. The exceptions to this will be the grant intervention rates for the Community Services and Facilities and the Co-operation - Non Food and Forestry Supply Chain Options which will both be set at 50%. (The Community Services and Facilities intervention was increased to 90% from 3rd September 2009, before being transferred to the LEADER programme, as announced on 25th September 2009.)

These rates will be kept under review and may be revised in future.

You can view the grant intervention rates for each Option on the following pages:

If you are uncertain of the axis for each Option, you can view the list of Options.

You can view the list of capital items with standard costs on the following page: