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Small-scale tree and shrub planting

You may carry out small-scale tree and shrub planting on discrete areas up to 0.25 ha in size. Such woodland enrichment will not cover more than 25% of an eligible woodland area.

This capital item includes:

  • The individual tree protection and support, that is: tree shelter and treated softwood stake or hardwood stake.
  • The planting, including labour and cost of tree;
  • The beating-up, weeding, fertilising and supervision until the tree or shrub is established.

The stake should penetrate the ground to a depth of at least 30 cm, be below the lip of the tree-shelter but 10 cm above the upper tie.

Ties should not encircle the tree to allow their later removal. You should take care to ensure the lower tie does not ensnare the tree.

The top of the treeshelter should be of rounded or folded design to reduce the risk of damage to the emerging tree. The treeshelter must be pushed into the ground to reduce the likelihood of damage by voles. The length of treeshelter required is dependent upon the type of browsing that is likely to occur.

In carrying out the planting operations, we require you to choose species and stocking levels which are appropriate to the site and appropriate to the objective(s) which your proposals are designed to meet.

If you are proposing to plant trees you are strongly advised to discuss your proposals with those neighbours whose properties might be affected.

Where roadside tree planting is proposed and planting is to be within 5 metres of the edge of any made-up carriageway, you should provide confirmation that the Local Highways Authority does not object to your proposals.