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Rabbit proofing - existing or new stock/deer fence

The rabbit proofing of an existing or new stock or deer fence is eligible where we agree that, without such protection, rabbit damage to an area will prevent you from meeting the objectives of a measure under your contract.

You must use galvanised wire netting. The netting must be not less than 1.05 metre wide with a type 18 mesh and a mesh size no larger than 31 millimetres. The top edge of the galvanised wire netting shall not be less than 0.9 metre above ground level. The netting shall be fastened to the fencing and the bottom edge of the netting turned outwards for a minimum distance of 150 millimetres and anchored with either turves or pegs - to deter rabbits from digging under the fence.

All gates in rabbit-proofed fences must also be proofed.