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Mechanised eradication of rhododendron - Light

Bushes < 1.5 metres and flat site < 15 degrees.

Support for rhododendron control will be dependent on the applicant producing a rhododendron management plan for the property ( and ideally collaborating with adjacent neighbours) which will demonstrate a long term strategy to eradicate and control invasive rhododendron.

This activity can be undertaken next to manual eradication of rhododendron. The same plant cannot be subject to mechanised or chemical control and then manual eradication or vice versa.

The costs are the labour costs for using the machinery for mechanised eradication.

If a flail is to be used, then it is designed to cut and mulch the rhododendron. Flails can be fitted on tracked excavators, walking excavators and tractor mounted PTO drives.

All rhododendron to be removed should be cut as low as possible to the ground to ensure that the minimum re-growth occurs. Alternatively a machine can be used to uproot rhododendron.

The most efficient machine for raking is an excavator with bucket which can heap for the fire and, in larger fires, can help attend the fire to ensure all cut material gets burnt.