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Foliar or Stem Injection Eradication of Rhododendron

This cost is for the chemical treatment method for eradication of rhododendron by foliar or stem injection. The cost is for labour for undertaking the foliar/stem injection of herbicide to kill off established rhododendron bushes and can only be used where the mechanised or manual removal of rhododendron is unsuitable such where there is significant amounts of large, woody Rhododendron which require to be treated where the plant is too big to use machinery, or the removal of the bush from the site is not required to fulfil your objectives.

The drill and injection method is best used in larger bushes where access to the stem is possible to allow drilling. The stem should be drilled below the last fork and as close to the main root system as possible to create a hole that will contain all the herbicide solution.

At completion there must be no rhododendron present on site.