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Woodland Creation - Planting in Target Areas

1. Higher rate for geographical areas

These increased grant rates for capital items aim to encourage planting in specially selected areas. The increased rate is payable for woodland creation for all new planting in:

  • Argyll Islands Woodland Partnership area
  • Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) area
Checking if you are eligible

You can use the Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) Map Browser available via the FCS Grants News page to get the mapped boundaries of each of these areas. The eligibility criteria for each option are the same as for woodland creation in other areas.

2. Higher rate for productive planting options

The higher rate of grant for capital items (initial planting, fences, gates) is also payable for the three productive planting options, provided that the planting will be carried out on sites recognised within the local Indicative Forest Strategy (IFS) as 'Preferred' or 'Potential' (or the IFS equivalent language for your local area).

The 3 productive woodland creation options are:

  • Woodland Creation - Productive Conifer - Low Cost
  • Woodland Creation - Productive Conifer - High Cost
  • Woodland Creation - Productive Broadleaf Woodland

Give details of the category of your site and whether you are eligible to receive the higher rate of grant in your Forestry Outcome Plan

Rates of support are provided on the Woodland Creation page.

The 10% increase in intervention rates applies to woodland creation capital items, i.e. initial planting, fences and gates.

How you can apply for the increased rate

Two additional questions have been added to the application process:

  • "If you are carrying out woodland creation within the Argyll Islands Woodland Partnership area, the CSGN area or in another target area identified by FCS you will be entitled to an extra 10% on the usual woodland creation rates. Do you wish to apply for the extra 10% intervention rate?"
  • "If so, does your proposal only contain woodland creation within these areas?

If you select 'yes' to both questions, then your application will be allocated the 80%/90% intervention rates according to the Less Favoured Area classification."

Important - Restriction

You cannot submit a proposal that contains woodland creation option(s) within the target areas and woodland creation option(s) outside the target areas.

Technical Guidance

More technical guidance may be available to help you with the option you have chosen. This is available on the Forestry Commission Scotland website Technical Guidance page.