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Rural Priorities Key Facts

This page is a new page which will contain key information about past and future assessment rounds, including statistics, case studies, and key dates. More information will be added shortly.

RPAC Information

The RPAC Dates page contains dates and information about future Rural Priorities assessment rounds.

The Current Case Studies and Previous Case Studies pages contain information on a range of projects which have been approved under Rural Priorities.

The June 2012 RPAC round page contains information about the June 2012 Rural Priorities assessment round and important changes from November 2011.

The September 2011 Axis 2 funding round - Q & A page contains information about the September 2011 Rural Priorities assessment round which is focussed on Axis 2 projects.

The February 2011 RPAC - Q & A page contains helpful information about the results of the February 2011 Rural Priorities assessment round.

Important changes to Rural Priorities

Jun 2011 - The Regulatory changes to Rural Priorities page explains changes made in June 2011.

May 2011 - You can now View and Upload Case Documents Online, as of 9 May 2011.

Mar 2011 - The Changes for agri-environment and forestry projects - Q & A page contains information about the continuous approval process for SSSI / Natura projects worth up to £50,000 and the suspension of the Management of Hedgerows option.

Aug 2010 - The Changes to Rural Priorities - Q & A page contains information about the changes to Rural Priorities announced by the Cabinet Secretary on 3 August 2010.

News Archive

The News Archive page contains an archive of Rural Priorities news since April 2008.