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Introduction to Breaches and Penalties

Breaches and penalties can apply to your claim under SRDP (Rural Priorities (RP), Land Managers Options (LMO) and the other SRDP Schemes). Breaches range from straight-forward cases of late submission of forms to over-declarations of land area and more complex breaches of the rules. Breaches do not necessarily lead to a payment penalty. If your claim is considered to have been in breach you will receive a letter outlining the details of the breach and any remedial actions you need to take.

A breach can be identified in a number of different ways for example:

  • through the automatic checking we carry out against your other applications, claims, your land and allowances.
  • through an inspection.
  • a check of the supporting documentation relating to a claim.

All breaches will be recorded and penalties applied where appropriate before we can make a payment against a claim. We will notify you if a penalty is being applied to your claim, and you may appeal if you think we have treated your claim unfairly.

Penalties may apply to over-declarations of land, similar to the IACS penalties already in place for Single Farm Payment Scheme and LFASS. This represents a significant change from the previous agri-environment schemes, and you should familiarise yourself with the scheme/eligibility rules for your Options, as well as the consequences of breaching the conditions of your agreement.

For Rural Priorities a penalty may apply if you do not complete all the items in your contract. As Rural Priorities is a competitive scheme with entry awarded by the Regional Project Assessment Committees (RPACs), there is a penalty if the contract is not fulfilled. The penalty can be as much as 10% of the value of the Option which is not completed. This does not apply to LMO or other SRDP Schemes.

Penalties will usually be applied before payment is issued and any further money due may be offset from any CAP payment due to be paid to you. If you have no outstanding payments due we will send you a recovery invoice.

There are 2 'groups' of Options, and different penalties apply to the different groups. Please see the section on Grouping the Options, or the Table Summary of Breaches and Penalties, for further information.

Please contact your local area office or your case officer if you have any questions.