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Annual Recurrent Claims and Payments


To make a claim for Annual Recurrent 2016 options in your contract you must declare the land on which you undertake these options on the Single Application Form (SAF) using the Permanent Land Data Sheet(s) IACS (3) and complete question 5 of the Single Application Form.

The SAF can be submitted online at Rural Payments and Services or in paper format. 

By completing your SAF online you’ll be able to:

  • create your own tailored form based on your scheme selection – our system will automatically fill in parts of your form
  • check the form for errors – our system will flag these to you before you go on to the next stage
  • access up-to-date maps and boundary information
  • view and manage your own information  - for example, changing your bank account details
  • get 24 hour access, seven days a week

If you cannot submit the SAF on-line you should complete your claim details on a paper form and you can request a SAF pack from local Area Offices.  If you choose to complete the SAF on paper it should be submitted to your local Area Office.

The deadline for receipt of your Rural Priorities annual recurrent options completed on the SAF is 16 May 2016.  We will accept your SAF up to 25 calendar days after the closing date of 16 May but will reduce your payments for all schemes covered by the SAF, including Rural Priorities annual recurrent, by 1% for each working day your SAF is late during the 25 calendar day period. 

We cannot accept your SAF if we receive it more than 25 calendar days late i.e. after 10 June 2016If you do not complete question 5 on the IACS(2) and fail to declare the land on which you undertake your annual recurrent options on your IACS(3) you will not receive payment for these options for the year in question.  You should not assume that because your land is on your RP contract that you are under no obligation to claim.  Your RP contract is not a claim for payment.

Advice on how to complete your SAF with your Rural Priorities Annual Recurrent options is available in the SAF pack.  It is the responsibility of the Rural Priorities scheme beneficiary to complete the SAF correctly with their annual recurrent options declared even if you employ an agent to act on your behalf.

For Rural Priorities annual recurrent options declared on the SAF 2016, payments will commence in Spring/Summer 2017.

The annual recurrent payment associated with the Woodland Creation option, i.e. Maintenance and/or Farmland Premium, can be claimed with the SAF in 2016 by the 16 May deadline provided the contract was approved prior to 31 December 2015 and provided any remaining claim for the capital element, i.e. initial planting grant, of Woodland Creation will be submitted to the local RPID office or FCS conservancy office by 30 June 2016.

For the Woodland Creation Option: Naturally Regenerated Native Woodland (RP22301E) claims for Farmland Premium can be submitted once the land is fenced off or once the land is managed solely for attracting regeneration of trees.  The Maintenance option can only be made following the initial planting capital claim that is submitted once a number of years’ worth of growth can be shown.  Please see the Option specific guidance for further information or contact your case officer. 

Where a business claims both SFP and Rural Priorities Farmland Premium on the same land parcel both payments cannot be made in full as this would constitute double funding.  Any business that declares New Woodland and Forestry (NEWTRS) on the SAF will receive their SAF payment but their Rural Priorities Farmland Premium payment will be reduced by the amount paid for that area of land declared on the SAF.  We will identify the lowest value of payment entitlement to ensure that we maximise the funding to the business.