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Mr Richard Lochhead, Rural Affairs Secretary, announced in September 2013, that there would be no new Land Managers Options (LMO) applications for 2014 as this type of non-competitive support will not be permitted under the new regulatory framework put in place by the European Commission.

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A new bullet point has been added to Section 6 - the checklist, of the LMO Continuing Commitments Application Form 2014:

  • Areas printed on your IACS map are for gross plan area of the land parcel. This includes ineligible areas such as roads, yards, buildings, ponds, rocky outcrops and impenetrable areas of vegetation contained within the land parcel.

You must check your current land parcels maps for ineligible areas and ensure you do not claim on them.

Over the past few years we have noted a high number of claims, for these particular options, being made on land that is ineligible for the option being claimed and also claims that are greater than the area of eligible land available. And this has resulted in financial penalties being applied in many cases. To ensure this does not happen to you, please check the requirements and eligibility criteria for these specific options:


9. Wild Bird Seed Mix/Unharvested Crop

10. Improvement of Rush Pasture for Wildlife

11. Summer Cattle Grazing

17. Retention of Winter Stubbles


Information relating to the changes made to these options has been provided to all applicants who will be claiming their 2013 payments, and continuing commitments in the 2014 Scheme year. A mail drop was carried out in February 2014.

See Guidance updates for all the changes made to Land Managers Options guidance.