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Access Creation for Sustainable Forest Management


Option 7 access creation

Access Creation for Sustainable Forest Management

Option 7 - Access Creation for Sustainable Forest Management                                  

What this is about

This grant supports the creation of new access routes or the improvement of existing access routes into woodlands which are not currently served by a suitable and adequate access route thereby preventing the harvesting and extraction of timber. The grant also supports the development of an internal access infrastructure. This also includes processing areas and loading bays. Adequate access to woodlands is an essential requirement to ensure sustainable forest management.

What this will achieve

Improved access is to encourage thinning and other silvicultural operations in woodlands. This offers significant biodiversity benefits, enhanced public access and increases the economic potential of the standing crop due to improved timber quality.

What you must do

Construct access routes leading to or within woodlands that will benefit from silvicultural thinning in order to extract timber.

  • The roads must be built to a standard capable of enabling the access and movement of forestry equipment and taking timber haulage vehicles.
  • You will maintain the roads as part of the forest road network and fully restore the area after harvesting activity.
  • Road building activity must conform to the requirements of the UK Forestry Standard.
  • The construction of access routes must be appropriate and in proportion to the ground condition, the size of woodland and the volume of harvesting timber. This may mean that in small woodlands where timber volumes are small or where access is particularly difficult a forwarder/trailer route together with a loading bay would be more appropriate.

Who can apply

All land managers of existing woodlands.

How to apply

Complete Section 4 of the LMO application form using the code LMOSFM. The amount applied for should be an estimate of 50% of the cost but the claim will be limited to this amount.

Eligibility criteria

All applications must be for woodlands greater than 1 hectare where the objective is to carry out thinning, small scale clear felling, continuous cover forestry & selective felling.

Road building activity should conform to the requirements of the UK Forestry Standard.

What costs could be supported

Support will be provided for:

  • Construction of external and/or internal access routes (metre)
  • Construction of lay-bys, turning areas, loading bays and/or bell mouth junctions (m 2)
  • Gates, security barriers/obstacles, cattle grids (each)

Rate of support

We will pay 50% of the actual costs for all the above options based on receipted invoices. The proposed costs must reflect the specifications required to meet the appropriate management objectives (for example the different specifications for an external access route for road worthy vehicles and for an internal access machine track should be reflected in the rates, and overall proposed costs, for the 2 activities). Own labour costs and own machinery costs are not eligible for payment.


Inspector will ensure that completed work meets UK Forestry Standard.


We will send you a claim form which you must submit along with the supporting documentation by 31 August in the year following application. The evidence you provide must include detailed invoices.

List of links to relevant technical guidance

The UK Forestry Standard - www.forestry.gov.uk/pdf/fcfc001.pdf/$FILE/fcfc001.pdf

The Forestry Civil Engineering Business Unit of the Forestry Commission has a specification for Forest Roads (see http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/infd-57cfyj)