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Rural Communities Division
B1 Spur
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Broomhouse Drive
EH11 3XD

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Our Rural Future

Our Rural Future is the Scottish Government's response to last year's Speak Up for Rural Scotland consultation. 'Speak Up for Rural Scotland' set out the Rural Development Council's views on what mattered for the rural economy. Our Rural Future was published on 9 March 2011 and identifies the key priorities arising from the Council's advice and the views of consultees, highlighting where action needs to be taken and commitments shared.

Rural Scotland

The Scottish Government wants to see a rural Scotland that is outward looking and dynamic - with a diverse economy and active communities.

We want to see our rural communities grow in confidence and diversity, supported by high quality public services. We want our young people to have the opportunity to build careers and prosperous futures in the area where they grew up. We want to see rural Scotland participating fully in the global exchange of ideas and culture, with the right connections to make this happen, including high speed broadband and appropriate transport infrastructure. We want rural businesses to make best use of local assets and talent to become even more competitive and enterprising.

However, one organisation or individual alone cannot make the difference that is needed. We must all work together for the future of rural Scotland - central government; local authorities and agencies; the private and voluntary sectors; and individuals themselves. We have a common ambition and everyone has a part to play.

Our Rural Future sets out the main priorities needed to make rural Scotland even more successful. These are Infrastructure; Land Use; Community Participation; Community Enterprise; and Business and Skills.