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Rural Development Council - Meetings 2009

October 26 and 27, 2009 Rural Development Council



Presentation on Caithness and North Sutherland Economy

Presentation on Significance of Food and Drink to the Tourism Sector

Presentation on Role of Heritage and Archaeology in Attracting Visitors

Presentation on Agriculture and Climate Change

Presentation on The Climate Change (Scotland) Act, A Framework for Low Carbon Scotland

June 8, 2009, Rural Development Council - Economic Summit -Stirling Management Centre




The Summit was introduced by Richard Wakeford, Director General Environment, Scottish Government, who set out the current challenges and opportunities facing Rural Scotland, emphasising CAP reform, environmental pressures, growth of renewables and new ways to deliver economic success. He encouraged participants to see co-design and co-delivery as key for the future, including working with stakeholders and Community Planning Partnerships on what services were needed and how best they should be delivered.

Donald MacRae, a member of the Rural Development Council and Chief Economist for Lloyds TSB Scotland PLC, gave a presentation on features of the rural economy. A key aim for the future success of rural economy and communities was to increase the level of 'diversification' in the economy, which tended to produce higher incomes/GDP per capita. Rural Economy Presentation

Working Group Sessions

Working group 1

Working group 2

Working group 3

Report back

Afternoon Plenary Session

March 9 and 10, 2009 Rural Development Council



Presentation on demographic issues in rural Scotland

Presentation on features of the Rural Economy

Presentation on the joint Scottish Government COSLA Community Empowerment Action Plan