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Crofting Cattle Improvement Scheme (Bull Hire Scheme)

This scheme is open to groups of at least two crofters within the crofting areas, providing high health bulls in areas where ownership and commercial hiring are uneconomic.   

The Scottish Government Bull Stud at Knocknagael manages the bulls that support the scheme.

The Scheme directly supports cattle across the crofting areas providing economic, social and environmental benefits.  

Application Forms, Guidance and Checklist
Information on the modernisation of the SG Bull Stud at Knocknagael:  

Following the publication of the Final Report of the Committee of Inquiry on Crofting, chaired by Mark Shucksmith, the Scottish Government proposed to close the central, state-owned stud facility in Inverness by summer 2009.  Following debate in the Scottish Parliament during January 2009, the Minister for Environment established an independent review to consider the future of bull hire scheme. The Review of the Bull Hire Scheme Report by Sarah Allen, Chair of the Bull Hire Review Group, was published in November 2009. In February 2010, Scottish Ministers approved the continuation of the Bull Hire Scheme and the upgrading of the Bull Stud Farm in Inverness.  

Business Case

The key aim of the modernisation was to put in place a streamlined, modern bull stud facility that is fit for purpose for when the bulls return from their summer leases. 

The modernisation was undertaken though the Bull Stud Modernisation Project. This was concerned solely with obtaining resources, sourcing and delivering a safe, streamlined bull facility at the Stud Farm and a HSE approved plan for the future management of the Stud Farm.