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Retail Sales of Seed Potatoes

Potato tubersRetail Sales of Seed Potatoes

Scotland is a high grade region for seed potato production and only the highest grade potatoes - Pre Basic or Basic - can be marketed and planted here. Certified seed potatoes cannot be marketed or planted in Scotland. This requirement extends to all retail sales of seed potatoes to the public whether from DIY Stores, garden centres or farmers markets. Certain exemptions from the seed potato regulations do apply to sales of less than 50kg.

Around 10,000 tonnes of seed potatoes in small packages are sold annually to gardeners and amateur growers from a variety of sources including gardening centres, mail order and the internet. 

The health of Scotland’s seed potato crops is fundamental to both commercial and amateur growers.  It is very important for Scotland to retain the high health area status for commercial seed potato production. 

Gardeners and amateur growers can play their part in protecting the high health status of the commercial industry. 

For retailers, growers, and packers marketing seed potatoes for end users in Scotland i.e. allotment holders, hobby growers and gardeners these procedures should be followed. Conservation varieties of seed potatoes are particularly popular and can now be marketed in Scotland. They are subject to the same requirements as other seed potatoes.