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Diseases - Avian Influenza - FAQs

Preventative Measures Questions

1. What preventative measures are you taking?

We have introduced legislation to evaluate the risk of transmission of avian influenza virus and to take appropriate measures to reduce that risk. These include declaring avian influenza prevention zones, serving notices on premises at risk and imposing suitable measures, for example the housing of poultry, in zones and premises.

A European-wide ban on bird gatherings is currently in place unless they are authorised by veterinary risk assessment. Following a further review of the current level of risk of high pathogenic avian influenza to the UK, a new system for the general licensing of all bird gatherings has been introduced.

2. Is there are requirement to register my flock?

There is a legal requirement for all commercial poultry keepers with 50 or more birds to register their premises on the GB Poultry Register. The voluntary registration of premises with fewer than 50 birds is encouraged.

The register will be used to gather essential information about certain species of birds held on commercial premises in Great Britain, helping us to maximise our preparedness to respond to disease and enhancing communication with the poultry industry.