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Through liaison between users and providers of statistics on the built environment - including statistics on housing and planning issues- identify the key strategic statistical information required by all interested parties, develop and implement a strategy for prioritising and meeting these needs while minimising the burden on data suppliers and maintaining quality fit for purpose.

In particular the committee will: -

  • Maintain an overview of the need for, quality, availability and dissemination of statistics on the built environment.
  • Initiate and take reports from working groups set up to review or develop statistical sources and dissemination methods in relation to the built environment.
  • Contribute to and comment on the relevant parts of the Scottish Government Annual Statistics Plan.
  • Consider specific issues raised by the ScotStat board.
  • Produce an annual report for the board, covering the work of the committee and its working groups.
  • Nominate a representative for the ScotStat board and report annually to the board on the work of the committee.
  • Contribute to discussion/ work on cross-cutting issues with other committees.
  • Review the membership of the committee to ensure representation of key interests in statistics on the built environment.
  • The Committee will meet no more than twice a year in the Autumn and Spring. Members, and interested users will be kept in touch with progress through the Built Environment pages on the ScotStat section of the Scottish Government Website.
  • Membership of the committee aims to be wide ranging covering all key user/ provider interests in statistics on the built environment. Where a committee member represents a particular user/ provider community, he/ she will provide liaison with that community gauging the views of the community when the work of the committee requires this.