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Social and Welfare

These web pages support each of the social work collections. Within each page you will have access to the relevant documentation and information for each collection.

Social Care Collection

The Survey covers Social Care clients who are Young People (aged 0-17), Adults (aged 18-64) and Older People (aged 65+). It has three principle components:

  • Services delivered through Self-Directed Support
  • Specified Social Care Services received at any time during the financial year
  • Specified Social Care Services at any time during the Census Week

Please note the 2016 documentation will be made available soon.

Survey Documentation

Mental Health Benchmarking

The Mental Health Benchmarking data collection aims to collect data on a wide range of high level services available to clients with a mental health problem. There are two levels to the return, Individual & Aggregated.

  • The Individual return requires that each individual using a service is recorded and each episode within that service is recorded.
  • The Aggregated return is designed so that it totals the number of clients for each service in the individual return but is also open so that additional service can be included at an aggregated level.

This allows for any new or important services within an area to be returned and allows for the easy identification of services for possible inclusion in the individual level return.

Please note: Mental Health Benchmarking data will not be collected in 2015.

Survey Documentation