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Staff Census

Survey Background

The purpose of this collection is to obtain accurate data on school staff annually. The results will be used for monitoring and to support evidence-based policy making.

Data will be collected from all Local Authority and Grant-aided schools and school centres.

Results from the annual Staff Census can be accessed here on the Scottish Government website.

Guidance Notes are incorporated into Data Specification documents.

Data may be submitted via ProcXed. A user guide for ProcXed and a link to the login page can be found here.

The Education Statistics Privacy Notice relating to children and young people educated in, and the workforce of, Scotland’s schools can be accessed here.

Key Information

Key Information

Nature of Exchange

Local Authority to Scottish Government


Individual staff


Census day:
Wednesday 19 Sept 2018

Submission to Scottish Government

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Method of data submission

ProcXed or via SEEMIS

Survey Documentation

Survey Documentation 2018 Uplift

Staff Data Spec 2018 (including guidance notes)

Centrally Employed Teachers explanatory diagram

The Specification and Guidance for the 2018 collection has been updated. Changes since the previous version are shown as tracked changes for ease of reference. If you have any specific questions please contact us at ScotXed@gov.scot