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Official Statistics - User Engagement

Meeting users' needs is at the heart of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, and we will engage with our users on a regular basis to ensure our statistics meet what is required of them.

The production, management and dissemination of official statistics should meet the requirements of informed decision making by government, public services, business, researchers and the public. Principle 1 of the Code sets out our requirements for meeting users' needs.

Scottish Government Statisticians will:

  • engage with its users of official statistics to promote trust and maximise public value;
  • investigate and document the needs of our users, the use made of our statistics and the types of decisions they inform;
  • adopt systematic planning arrangements;
  • publish statistics to an announced timetable that takes account of our users' needs (Forthcoming Publications);
  • publish information about users' experiences of statistical services, data quality, and the format and timing of reports through consultation


Our consultation with users of official statistics will primarily be done through ScotStat, and with direct communiciation with known users and stakeholders.

ScotStat is a network for users and providers of Scottish Official Statistics. It aims to improve communication amongst those interested in particular statistics and facilitate the setting up of working groups on specific statistical issues.

Periodic consultations are conducted on the statistics collected by the Scottish Government. Further information can be found in the Statistics Topic areas. If you have any comments, queries or questions connected with Scottish Official Statistics please email the ScotStat Mailbox.

You can now follow us on Twitter: @ScotStat

Best Practice

A note on good practice in user engagement is available via the link below. User engagement is an essential element of statistics production.


Further information can also be found on the Government Statistics Service (GSS) pages; it includes information from the National Statistician's Office (NSO) Good Practice Team.