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Work Plan


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Following the September 2010 consultation these conclusions have been reached.

i) There was a lack of demand for the retention of 7 National Statistics products (Children Educated Outwith School, Placing Requests, Teacher and Educational Psychologists Vacancies, Pre-Appeal SQA Examination Results, Expenditure on Schools, Budgeted School Running Costs and the Independent School Census), or to retain the Attendance and Absence statistics as an annual product. Therefore 5 will be removed from National Statistics scope immediately. In addition the statistics on Budgeted running costs, Pre-Appeal SQA results and Attendance and Absence are subject to the conclusions from the School Handbook consultation (running between November 2010 and February 2011). Whilst the intention of the SG is to stop the collection of Budgeted running costs, the National Statistics publication of Pre-Appeal SQA and move Attendance and Absence onto a biennial basis this will depend on the legislative changes which may come from the School Handbook work.

ii) There was little concern expressed about the repackaging of statistical publications and therefore SG will draw together the range of School statistics and release them on 3 key publication dates. This will be Resources in December, Assessment in February and Outcomes in June. [Resources to include - Attendance and Absence, Exclusions (both biennially), Pre-school, Pupils and Teachers; Assessment will cover the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy; Outcomes will include Post Appeal SQA, initial and sustained leaver destinations, meals and EMA data. Although final decisions on some statistics will depend on the outcome of the School Handbook legislation]

iii) That in response to expressions of strong user need Exclusion statistics are retained on a biennial basis and published alongside the biennial Attendance and Absence figures in the Resources publication.

iv) That in response to expressions of strong user need School Meals is retained but that we collect a reduced set of information and aim to publish annually in June.

The Scottish Government is happy to receive comments on our workplans and priorities throughout the year. If you wish to comment, please contact:

Mal Cooke
Senior Statistician
Room 2-D (South)
Education Directorate
Scottish Government
Victoria Quay

Email: Mal.Cooke@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

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