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The main consultation network for the Scottish Government statistics group is the ScotStat network. The network aims to provide a mechanism for engaging in discussion and debate, priority setting and planning with the full range of users and providers of Scottish Government statistics. Details on how to get involved are set out below.

You may also wish to note that the Scottish Government is represented on the Education and Training National Statistics Theme group which addresses issues at a UK level.

How can you get involved? If you are keen to find out more about work relating to School Education Statistics or any other facet of the work of the Scottish Government Statistics Group, you can register with Scotstat to receive updates. More information on ScotStat can be found on the ScotStat homepage, including a feedback form and information on the work of the ScotStat Board.


The ScotXed Unit is part of Education Analytical Services division within the Education Directorate of the Scottish Government. It supports and develops a significant number of secure, efficient and effective electronic data exchanges between partners in the Scottish education and wider childrens services community. These include the pupil and staff censuses, attendance and absence, exclusions, school leavers, and looked after children.

In the main, ScotXed consults with local authorities involving nominated survey representatives. Each year ScotXed will consult with these groups in reaching consensus to finalise Data Specifications. There are a number of mechanisms in place for consultation, including:

  • Change Advisory Board - an online consultation process.
  • ScotXed Forum Meetings - generally held annually where all education authority representatives are invited.
  • National Seminars - survey events hosted by ScotXed involving local authority nominated representatives.

In March 2014, as part of this change process, we emailed ScotXed contacts directly to ask for their views on proposed revisions to the School Estate Core Facts Survey. As a result of the responses we recieved we stopped collecting information on the Gross internal floor area and Site curtilage of School buildings and added a question on compliance costs.

For more information visit www.scotxed.net

Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN) Project Management Board

The Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy provides a national assessment of numeracy and literacy and is consistent with and supports the aims and ethos of Curriculum for Excellence. The survey selects around 4,000 pupils in each of P4, P7 and S2 and reports on numeracy and literacy in alternating years. The survey only provides national level results.

The SSLN is delivered through partnership between the Scottish Government, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Education Scotland (ES) and the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES). In addition to the SSLN Project Management Board (which reports to a higher level Assessment Governance Group), the SSLN brings together partners from across the Scottish education system through a range of operational and reference groups.

If you would like more information about the SSLN please contact school.stats@scotland.gsi.gov.uk .

Advisory Group for Additional Support for Learning (AGASL)

The Additional Support for Learning Act (Scotland) 2010 places a duty on the Scottish Government to gather improved information on the provision of support, the requirement for support and the cost of providing support to pupils with Additional Support Needs. An Implementation Group was initially set up to ensure this information was collected and it brought forward recommendations for the development of new ASN categories in the Pupil Census collection. As the Act has now been implemented fully, the implementation group has transformed into an advisory group. This advisory group will continue to recommend ways to improve the collection of information on Additional Support Needs and a Statistician continues to be a member of this group.

For more information on this work please contact Venetia Haynes.

e-mail: school.stats@scotland.gsi.gov.uk
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