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Corrections Policy: School Education Statistics

School Education statistics, like all Scottish Government official statistics, are governed by the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. One of the principles of the code is to "correct errors discovered in statistical reports, and alert stakeholders promptly".

In practice corrections to School Education statistics are likely to fall into one of three categories :

i) minor corrections to data which do not alter the interpretation that users would draw from the individual numbers or from the summary statistics;

ii) more substantial corrections to individual data which whilst important for the specific data item are not significant enough to alter interpretation of the key statistics being presented in the report, and

iii) substantial corrections which would change the interpretation users would draw from the data on key statistics.

In dealing with these types of corrections it is important that we respond to the needs of users to have stable statistics over time which are consistent and of a high quality. It is broadly assumed that minor corrections would be made online as soon as possible, with notification that a correction had been made highlighted at the start of the publication and communicated to regular recipients at the next opportunity. The spectrum covered by the more substantial and substantial corrections would be dealt with on a case by case basis. Appropriate action could range from placing a guidance message on the web publication to inform users to consider the data with care, correcting the relevant data on the web publication, removing a particular table or data series but maintaining the publication, or in extreme cases actually removing the publication and re-publishing it. In all cases, publication of more substantial and substantial corrections, will be as soon as possible.

The decisions to correct are taken by the statisticians group on the authority of the Chief Statistician. The intention at all times is to ensure that the quality of statistics fully meets the needs of users.

Should you have any questions about the Corrections policy or Statistical policy in general please contact

Mal Cooke mal.cooke@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

Education Analytical Services

Senior Statistician

Scottish Government