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Local Authority Profile Pages

Housing Profile Pages

As part of the Publication of the first results of the Affordable Housing Securing Planning Consent Survey, a profile page (for each local authority) is available for users to access for further context-setting information. These pages include a summary of each local authority's affordable housing policy, illustrative information on local ratios of house prices-to-earnings and new build rates. They draw on a number of sources (detailed below) and will be updated periodically.

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The Information Presented for each local authority in the Profile Pages is -

  • Lower Quartile House Prices and Earnings (Tables 1 and 2)
    Information on Earnings is taken from the 'Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings' (ASHE) produced by the Office of National Statistics. Information on house prices for 2005 to 2008 is taken from the 'Scottish Housing Market Review - Evidence and Analysis 2007' publication (with an additional update for 2008). For later years information is from the Land Values Data set from the Registers of Scotland, which is also the source for the Centre for Housing Market Analysis data pack that is proved to local authorities. Tables 1 and 2 pair local authority level house price data for different sizes of property with the earnings of the local population. This is done at the lower quartile level. In other words the tables compare the affordability of the cheaper properties (within each scenario type) for those local authority inhabitants on lower earnings. It is important to note that this information is illustrative only. Furthermore there may be significant variation in the ratios of house prices to earnings within the same local authority. This is likely to be particularly true within larger local authorities (in terms of population and (or) geographic coverage). Information on lower quartile house prices is not available for 2011.
  • Population and Household Statistics (Table 3)
    Data on Population and Household estimates and projections are produced by the National Records of Scotland. Further information is available from their website.
  • Urban/Rural Population Split (Table 4)
    Data on urban/rural split within each local authority is based on the 2011/12 Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification system and the 2011 Small Area Population Estimates (produced by the National Records of Scotland).
  • Housing Statistics (Table 5)
    Data on Housing Statistics is drawn from both the National Records of Scotland and the Scottish Government's Housing Statistics Branch.
  • Suspension of Right-to-Buy (Table 6)
    Table 6 contains information on those local authorities either fully or partially covered by a suspension of the Right-to-Buy (covering suspensions implemented up to April 2009).
  • Summary of Local Authority Affordable Housing Policies (Table 7)
    Table 7 contains a summary of each local authority's affordable housing policy. These summaries were collected from local authorities as part of the completion of the Profile Pages.