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Rateable Values Non-Domestic Appeals


The RVAPP is issued quarterly to Assessors requesting details, by council area, on the total number of appeals lodged and the resulting change in rateable value of subjects for which an appeal against the non-domestic rates revaluation was made.

This appeals information is vital to ensuring that income from non-domestic subjects is maintained and that the appeals assumption made in setting the poundage figure remains valid.


The return is issued quarterly after revaluation and collect appeals made and disposed of in the last quarter and cumulatively before hand.

Timetable for Return

Current Return

RVAPP 2018-19 Quarter 1

Return Issued

13th June 2018

Return Due

4th July 2018

Important Information

We are now collecting expanded information on appeals resulting in RV changes which has resulted in some changes to the form:

  • For Part 2 of the form relating to the 2017 cycle, the same information as previously collected should be supplied in the 'All' part of the return. Further information relating to appeals which have resulted in a change to RV (a subset of 'All') should also be reported under the relevant heading.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with lgfstats@gov.scot

Please see the attached Excel spreadsheet may give a better understanding of the data being asked for.

Link to ProcXed

The RVAPP is now collected through the ProcXed system.  All RVAPP data suppliers have been contacted regarding this change; if you have yet to recieve details of the changes or require log in details for ProcXed please email: lgfstats@gov.scot


Historical Information

Please use the links below to access past forms and guidance for this return.

Data and Analysis

The above data collection is summarised in the quarterly Non-Domestic Rates Revaluation Appeals Statistics publication.