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Labour Market Forum Remit

Purpose of Labour Market Forum:

  • Through liaison between users and providers of labour market statistics, the purpose of the group is to consider and define the key information required from labour market statistics for policy and research purposes, ensuring that the burden on data providers is minimised and data collected is fit for purpose.

Specifically the Forum will:

  • develop mutual understanding of statistical needs and opportunities between local authorities, public bodies and Scottish Government particularly in relation to labour market statistics;
  • identify any significant gaps in labour market statistics produced;
  • provision of technical advice on existing methodologies, development work and new indicators;
  • discuss how Scottish Government labour market statistics are used and how they might be improved to be of more benefit;
  • consider and evaluate the methods of dissemination of Scottish labour market statistics to ensure maximum access, ease of understanding and use;
  • share knowledge and understanding of cross-cutting issues, and contribute to work on these issues or areas of joint interest;
  • work within the Scottish Government's overall ScotStat structure.