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Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) Review - Have your say!

Do you use labour market intelligence? By this we mean any labour market information (that is, descriptive data, such as statistics or survey results) and labour market intelligence (which includes analysis, interpretation, conclusions and policy recommendations).

As part of the LMI Review project, a web survey was carried out during November 2010 to collect information from users of LMI on:

  • demand for LMI;
  • indicators and geographies used;
  • gaps in provision and why these need to be filled; and
  • usage of LMI webtools

This was part of a project being conducted by the Scottish Government to develop a new LMI framework for Scotland and to help make LMI more accessible to users. The project also reviewed the Key Indicators website and Local Economic Profiles with the aim of rationalising these into one product.

Consultation Findings

The Scottish Government would like to thank all those organisations who responded to the web survey. The note below presents the main results from the survey. The LMI Review Group will consider these findings as part of their work to develop the new LMI framework.

Summary of findings from web survey

As part of this project, a review of Key Indicators and Economic Profiles was also carried out. The note below provides more detail and presents planned changes over the coming months:

Review of Economic Profiles and Key Indicators


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