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JSW by Service Group

Consultation on the collection of local government employment statistics by service group

A total estimate of local government employment, collected through the Joint Staffing Watch data collection, is included in the Public Sector Employment Series for Scotland.

Up until Q1 2011 ( June 2011) the Quarterly Joint Staffing Watch data collection, carried out in Scottish local authorities, collected information by service group including: education -teacher, education-other, social work and other staff. A service group breakdown has not been published since September 2010.

The Scottish Government carried out a consultation which proposed to reduce this data collection for local authorities to collect total employment by headcount/fte, gender and permanent/temporary and not to collect number of staff employed by service group. Responses were invited to this proposal. The consultation was open for response from the 17th of May till the 24th of June.

Following this consultation it is recommended that:

The Joint Staffing Watch data collection by service group should be discontinued from Q2 2011. The data collection will now collect overall staff figures only, by headcount/fte, gender and permanent/temporary.

This and other recommendations, following analysis of the evidence collected through the consultation, are outlined in the action plan document below.

Response to this consultation

The original consultation document and subsequent summary of responses and SG action plan can be accessed at the links shown below:

Consultation document

Summary of responses

Action Plan