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More Choices More Chances

The official measure of those aged 16-19 not in employment, education or training, otherwise known as the MCMC group, is taken from the Annual Population Survey (APS). Scotland level data for 2004-2011 is provided below.

While the APS can provide a reliable estimate of the MCMC group at a national level the data are not robust enough to provide estimates at a Local Authority level. For this reason in 2006 the Scottish Government commissioned the Training and Employment Research Unit (TERU) of Glasgow University to carry out an assessment of different measurement options for the MCMC group. The final report for this project can be found at:


The findings from this report suggested that the APS was still the best measure at a Scottish level. However, at a local level it was suggested that a combination of school leavers destinations statistics and Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits statistics for 18-19 year olds are used. This measure provides a general estimate of the level of the MCMC group which is consistent over time and between local areas. It is recognised that this measure underestimates the MCMC group but it does provide a useful measure to track the size of this group over time. Local Authority level data for 2003-2010 is also provided below.


E1 - MCMC group, NEET - APS - Scotland, 2004-2012

E2 - MCMC group, NEET - SLDR and DWP benefits - Scotland by LA, 2003-2011