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Getting information from SCORE


The Scottish Government (SG) has taken a decision to cease the SCORE data collection.

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Published Reports

Results from 2012-13 onwards

From 2012-13 SCORE has been run by the Scottish Government. The first SCORE annual report and annual digest tables produced by the Scottish Government can be found below. These are in a similar, but slightly different, format to those for earlier years.

Results up to 2011-12

Previously SCORE was run by the Centre for Housing Research (CHR) at St Andrew's University on behalf of the Scottish Government. They produced a number of reports using SCORE data. The annual reports produced by the CHR can be found below along with annual digest tables. Together these provide commentary, charts and tables on some of the data collected through SCORE.


Additional analysis

In some cases we can also respond to requests for additional analysis of SCORE. If you have a request for analysis of SCORE data please contact us. Over time we will add some examples of such analysis to this website.


Accessing more detailed data

In some circumstances - primarily for statistical analysis and research - you might want access to more detailed information from the SCORE dataset; this has to be done through a formal arrangement and you will need to complete a data access application. More information on getting access to SCORE data in this way can be found alongside the data access application form here: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/About/DataAccess. Once you have completed this form you can send it to us for consideration at SCOREhelp@scotland.gsi.gov.uk.