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SCORE - information for RSLs


The Scottish Government (SG) has taken a decision to cease the SCORE data collection.

The current 2014/15 SCORE data collection will be completed, with results published in  an annual report by Autumn 2015 and routine feedback reports made available to RSLs through the LOGASnet system.

RSLs should continue to enter 2014/15 data on new lets taken up by 31st March 2015, onto the SCORE LOGASnet system which will remain available beyond the end of March for this reason (and to allow RSLs to access their reports).

SG will not be collecting information on new lets taken up after 31st March 2015 and a 2015/16 data collection form will not be available in the LOGASnet SCORE system.

SG will work with RSLs and LOGASnet (the SCORE software provider) on an exit strategy from SCORE, to ensure RSLs can extract any information they require from SCORE prior to the system closing down.

Click here for more information on the reasons for this decision.

Submitting information

Participating Registered Social Landlords should complete a lettings log (see below) for each new let made in a given year and then submit this via the LOGASnet online submission system which can be found here: https://logasnet.communities.gov.uk/logasnet.

Useful documents for RSLs participating can be found below.