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2017/18 Health and Care Experience Survey

The survey was sent to a random sample of those who were registered with a GP in Scotland in October 2017 for completion between November 2017 and January 2018. A total of 611,638 questionnaires were sent out and 132,972 were returned, giving a response rate of 22 per cent.

A number of changes were made to the 2017/18 survey to improve user engagement and repsonse rates, including introducing a reminder letter and reviewing the survey materials. More information on the survey design, response rates and methodology can be found in the Technical Report.


A review into the weighting methodology used for the Health & Care Experience Survey has been undertaken. Details of the methodology to be used for the 2017/18 results is available at: www.gov.scot/Resource/0053/00533823.pdf.

Survey materials and spreadsheets containing GP level data, including Local Delivery Plan GP access standards, can be accessed using the links below.

GPs and practice staff are able to see the anonymised free text comments relating to GP practice care that patients from their practice have made in the survey via the Primary Care Information dashboard.

Survey Materials

Final copies of the 2017/18 survey materials are available at the following links:

For more information on how the data that is collected through the survey is used, please read our Privacy Notice.

We received approval to use the data required to sample individuals for the 2017 Health & Care Experience Survey from the Public Benefit & Privacy Panel. A copy of the approval letter is available here.

GP Level Data

Downloadable document:

Title:Health and Care Experience Survey 2017/18
Description:Health and Care Experience Survey 2017/18
File:GP Practice Level Results [XLSX, 1283.7 kb: 08 May 2018]
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