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Data Linking - Seminar - 29 Sept 2011

Seminar to introduce data linking work held on the 29 th September 2011 in the Europa Building, Glasgow.

The purpose of the Seminar was to:

  • Raise awareness of work underway to develop a Scotland-wide 'Data Linkage Framework for Statistics and Research' which aims to facilitate data linkages within and across sectors. We hope to consulted formally on this framework in the near future, and are very keen that local authorities play an integral role in shaping the framework.
  • Raise awareness and to consult on 2 imminent data sharing and data linking projects:

- Using administrative data sources as a potential alternative to the population census.

- Linking social care, housing support and health data.

Data Linking - Seminar - 29th Sept 2011 - Presentations

The five presentations from the seminar are available below:

Presentation 1

Overview of data linkage strategy by Dette Cowden.

Presentation 2

Data protection, ethics & governance by Professor Graeme Laurie.

Presentation 3

National Records of Scotland by Kirsty MacLachlan.

Presentation 4

Social care/housing & health by Gillian Barclay & Ellen Lynch.

Presentation 5

Scottish Health Informatics Programme by Dr Anthea Springbett.