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About These Statistics

Oil and Gas Production Statistics include estimates of the Scottish proportions of UK oil and gas production volumes, approximate sales income, operating costs & capital expenditure. These statistics are also combined with other data to produce estimates of physical commodity balances of oil, gas and petroleum products, including domestic supply and demand, and imports and exports of these products.

Methodology documents

Release Date Description Comments
13 Sep 2017

Oil and Gas Production Statistics Methodology Guide  

The statistics include estimates of production volumes, approximate sales income, operating costs and capital expenditure arising from the extraction of crude oil, natural gas liquids (NGL) and natural gas.

This paper describes the data sources and methods used to produce current releases of the statistics.

19 Nov 2013 Estimating Oil and Gas Flows for Scotland (experimental statistics) Detailed description of the methodology and data sources used to estimate flows of oil and gas through the Scottish economy, including estimates of imports and exports of oil and gas with the rest of the world and the rest of the UK. Note that this document is due to be updated to describe developments to methods and sources in the latest release (27 January 2016).
Previous versions
21 Oct 2015 Oil and Gas Production Statistics Methodology Guide    
15 Nov 2013

Oil and Gas Model - Publication of Methodology and Initial Experimental Results

Detailed description of initial methodology used to derive statistics on the oil and gas sector, with Annex of tables containing first experimental quarterly results to 2013Q2.