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Quarterly National Accounts Scotland

Latest Release

Quarterly National Accounts Scotland, 2018 Quarter 1 (15 Aug 2018)


What is Quarterly National Accounts Scotland?

Quarterly National Accounts Scotland (QNAS) includes a detailed breakdown of components of GDP, Household & NPISH sector income accounts, and public sector revenue statistics. It is the primary source of data for modelling and forecasting the Scottish economy and includes a wide range of economic statistics for Scotland including:

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the onshore economy and components of all three of the output, income and expenditure approaches;

  • alternative estimates of GDP for Scotland including two illustrative shares of UK extra-regio (offshore and overseas) activities attributable to Scotland;

  • the Index of Manufactured Exports (IME);

  • Household & NPISH Sector income and expenditure accounts for Scotland, including Gross Disposable Household Income (GDHI) and the Savings Ratio;

  • Scottish public sector revenue.

Unless specifically marked as including either a population or geographical share of extra-regio activity (offshore and overseas economic activity), the statistics relate to the onshore Scottish economy (that is, excluding any extra-regio activity).