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Labour Productivity Publications

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22 Aug   2018      

Labour Productivity Statistics 2018 Quarter 1 Exceptionally, this release contains revisions to all results back to the start of 1998. These updates are the result of the underlying gross value added (GVA) series undergoing revision.                       


Previous versions

Release date Description Comments
9 May 2018 Labour Productivity Statistics 2017 Quarter 4   
14 Feb 2018 Labour Productivity Statistics 2017 Quarter 3     
15 Nov 2017 Labour Productivity Statistics 2017 Quarter 2         
30 Aug 2017 Labour Productivity Statistics 2017 Quarter 1         
17 May 2017 Labour Productivity Statistics 2016 Quarter 4  This release contains quarterly estimates of labour productivity for the first time.
15 Feb 2017 Labour Productivity Statistics 1998-2015         In this release, estimates of labour productivity for broad industry groups are included as an annex for the first time. These are currently classed as experimental statistics.
20 Jan 2016 Labour Productivity Statistics 1998-2014  
24 Jun 2015 Labour Productivity Statistics 1998-2013 An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland. Annual estimates of GVA per hour worked and per filled job.
23 Apr 2014 Labour Productivity Statistics 1998-2012 (initial release) Experimental Statistics. Initial estimates of GVA per hour worked and filled job, and consultation on development plans.