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Which countries do Scottish businesses export to?

Click on a country on the interactive map below to find out how much businesses based in Scotland exported to that destination in 2016. 

The interactive map shows Export Statistics Scotland (ESS) estimates of total exports (goods and services) from businesses based in Scotland in 2016 by export destination country. 

The information window, accessed by clicking on a country, also shows HMRC Regional Trade Statistics (RTS) estimates of Scottish exports and imports (goods only) in 2016. Note the HMRC RTS are for goods only and produced under a different methodology than the ESS. The figures are not comparable. Further information on their methodology can be found here.

Total Scottish international exports (goods and services) in 2016 by export destination country


2015 Legend

Further information for users

The HMRC Regional Trade Statistics estimates of Scottish exports and imports (goods only) in 2016 shown in the information windows are those published on 7 December 2017. Note: this release contains data up to Qtr 3 2017.

We have used shape files published by Natural Earth (large scale data, 1:10M, cultural vectors) to create this data visualisation.

As far as possible, we have combined these shape files so that they conform to the (list of) country names as recommended by the Permanent Committee on Geographical Names (PCGN). This has not been possible or desirable (e.g. in cases where we have data for countries/regions not in the PCGN list) in all cases.


User feedback

We are keen to receive feedback from users on this data visualisation. Please send any comments to exports.statistics@gov.scot.