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Stakeholder Consultation - Recorded Crime in Scotland - 2014

The Recorded Crime in Scotland statistical bulletin currently presents statistics on crimes and offences recorded by the police in Scotland. Statistics on crimes and offences recorded by the police provide a measure of the volume of crime with which the police are faced.

The Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 changed the policing landscape in Scotland, replacing the previous eight police forces, the Scottish Police Services Authority and the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency from 1 April 2013. The Police Service of Scotland is now responsible for operational policing in Scotland and is held to account by the Scottish Police Authority. The Police Service of Scotland will hereafter be referred to as Police Scotland.

Following the establishment of Police Scotland, it is no longer meaningful to present recorded crime statistics for the eight legacy police forces. This means we need to make some changes to how we publish the information and the format we provide it in. To help decide the future format, Scottish Government invited users to provide feedback, by means of a consultation, on how they would prefer to receive data in relation to Police Scotland. The consultation was open from 4 April 2014 until the 9 May 2014.

The results of the user consultation can be accessed here.