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Farm Livestock

The value of agricultural livestock production was around £1.7 billion in Scotland in 2016 and accounted for over half of all agricultural output in Scotland. Further information on the livestock sector can be accessed by using the links below.

All livestock

Tables and charts of livestock statistics for Scotland and the UK. Output value , prices and income statistics for livestock sector.


Statistical tables on the number of poultry and farm poultrymeat prices in Scotland.


Statistical tables and charts relating to the 1.8 million cattle in Scotland. Cattle slaughter and store stock prices. Beef and dairy enterprise incomes.


Tables, charts and maps relating to Scotland's sheep. Sheep slaughter and store stock prices. Sheep farming incomes.


Population and price statistics relating to Scotland's 300,000 farmed pigs.

Other livestock

Statistics relating to deer, horses, goats and other livestock on farms in Scotland.


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