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Scottish Household Survey - Annual Report 2012 - LA Tables


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Local Authority Tables 2012


The SHS Annual Report presents reliable and up-to-date information on the composition, characteristics and behaviour of Scottish households at a national level.

The SHS 2012 Local Authority Tables provide comparable information at sub-national level.

Data is for one year only due to a new sampling methodology being used for the SHS under the 2012-2015 survey contract. Previously the sample was selected to be representative of Local Authorities over two years.  Under the new contract going forward it will be possible to combine multiple years on a rolling basis, but is not possible with the 2011 data from the old contract and 2012 data based on the new sampling methodology.  As this release is using a single year dataset only, the sample sizes for some breakdowns are too small to allow for robust analysis.  In these cases, some estimates within tables have been supressed and there are some tables have been removed from the report entirely.

For further information on the SHS Annual Report 2012, please view our Annual Publications page.

If you have any enquiries about this or any other analysis requirements then please Contact us.

Local Authority Workbook

The LA Tables can be viewed via the interactive Excel workbook:

Please note that the Excel workbook is very large (approximately 20 MB) though provides the opportunity to amend the presented analysis interactively and for the copying of content. You may just want to use the PDF download options below which present the SHS 2012 results for each local authority separately.

Local Authority Reports

Hints and Tips

Viewing the underlying data

Feedback on previous versions of the SHS LA Tables revealed that some users wanted quick access to data for all LAs rather than having to manually select each LA in turn.  In response to this feedback, an “LA Raw Data” worksheet has been added to the Excel tables.  This worksheet allows users to select the table of interest and then presents the underlying raw data for all LAs.