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Scottish Household Survey - Interactive Mapping


Example of content displayed in the SHS Interactive Mapping toolThe SHS Interactive Mapping tool presents time-series analysis from the survey for key measures across all local authorities in Scotland. 

The user is able to select the measure of interest including ones such as neighbourhood rating, car availability and provision of unpaid care.  All relevant analysis for the measure selected is displayed as a time-series in an accompanying chart along with thematic map showing differences in estimates between all local authorities.  Relevant metadata is also built in to the system to offer contextual information, as well as additional notes on the questions or variables used in the survey.

The measures presented in the tool will be updated periodically so please refer to this page for information on any updates.  If you would like to see any additional measures added that would be of interest to you, then please contact the SHS Project Team.

Please note that the SHS Interactive Mapping uses Visual Basic code to function properly.  As such you must select Enable Macros when prompted on opening the tool.

Please use the download option below to access the most up-to-date SHS Interactive Mapping tool or view our full range of Publications for complementary information.

SHS Interactive Mapping Tool

Downloadable document:

Title:Scottish Household Survey - Interactive Mapping
Description:Scottish Household Survey (SHS) Interactive Mapping presenting time-series analysis for key measures across all local authorities in Scotland
File:Scottish Household Survey - Interactive mapping [XLS, 752.1 kb: 21 Mar 2013]
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The following updates have been applied to the SHS Interactive Mapping tool.

Date Notes
August 2012 First release of SHS Interactive Mapping tool
September 2012 Amendment to map, assigning Mull to Argyll and Bute
March 2013 Updated home internet access estimates as 2005/2006 to 2009/2010 estimates duplicated those from 2003/2004.  Amendment made to underlying code to fix bug in updating the chart when selecting a new measure.