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HL1 user guide (2001 issue)

HL1 reference information (2001 issue)

This area incudes general reference information for data providers using the Access homelessness monitoring system developed by the Scottish Executive in 2001, as well as providers with their own systems.

HL1 proforma
This is an Excel version of the electronic HL1 return, and can be used to work out valid / invald responses.

HL1 guidance notes
These are the guidance notes issued to local authorities with guidance for each question on the 2001 electronic HL1 return.

Local authority system output specification
This is the technical data output and validation specification for all systems (updated to include revisions to January 2005)

Full validation lists
This file contains all the data validations on the Scottish Executive upload system and may be useful for creating validation routines for other systems (in conjunction with the output specification).

User instructions
This is the instruction manual for local authorities who use the Access homelessness monitoring system provided by the Scottish Executive in 2001.