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Stakeholder Survey 2010


The aim of the Scottish Government (SG) Stakeholder Survey 2010 was to collect data from a wide range of stakeholders to:

  • Identify their levels of understanding and commitment to the achievement of SG purpose and strategic objectives.
  • Assess their views on how engagement, relationships and working practices with the SG can best contribute to achieving SG objectives, both currently and into the future.
  • Highlight areas of 'best practice' and areas that need improvement in stakeholder engagement.
  • Measure the level of understanding of the new approach to Government.
  • Inform future work associated with the recent 'Shaping Up' review of the organisation.

The report on the findings of the Stakeholder Survey 2010 was published in 2011.

What is a stakeholder?

There are a variety of definitions of term. For the purpose of this survey we have defined stakeholders as:

" …individuals or bodies with expertise/interest in a specific policy, or cross-cutting policies, whose contribution should be sought by officials to ensure policies and services meet the diverse needs, priorities and expectations of the people of Scotland. Stakeholders include those committed to working with the Scottish Government on a reciprocal basis. Relationships could be time limited, and focus on the development or implementation of particular policies, or more long term and contribute to the strategic thinking on policy development. Key stakeholders include experts, delivery partners, single-issue bodies/interest groups, or particular individuals from stakeholder bodies which have corporate or departmental relationships with the Government. They might also include local authorities, National Devolved Public Bodies (NDPBs), and national level representatives or professional bodies."

Further questions

No future survey is currently scheduled but if you have any questions about any previous survey please contact a member of the Corporate Analysis (Office of Chief Statistician & Performance) team.