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Scottish Government social research into Public Services and Government is carried out by a team of researchers in a number of teams. Analysts are divided into teams according to their specialist area.

Their contact details are as follows:


Office of the Chief Researcher

Chief Researcher and Head of Communities Analysis Division: Audrey MacDougall

Rod Harrison, Senior Principal Reseach Officer:
Tel: 0131 244 1575; E-mail rod.harrison@gov.scot

Gillian Cruickshank, Principal Research Officer:
Tel: 0131 244 1619; E-mail gillian.cruickshank@gov.scot

Support Staff to Chief Researcher:

Wendy Kirk:
Tel: 0131 244 0758

Rik Kay:
Tel: 0131 244 1624

Robert Taylor:
Tel: 0131 244 2111


Strategic Research  About the team

Nuala Gormley, Senior Principal Research Officer:
Tel: 0131 244 2601; Email: nuala.gormley@gov.scot

Donna Easterlow, Principal Research Officer
Angela Hallam, Principal Research Officer
Kay Barclay, Principal Research Officer:
Silvia Soriano-Rivera, Research Officer

Corporate Analytical Services
Luke Cavanagh, Head of Corporate Analytical Services
Tel: 0131 244 3016; E-mail luke.cavanagh@gov.scot

Local Governance and Reform Research

Keira Oliver, Principal Research Officer:
Tel: 0131 244 4943; Email: keira.oliver@gov.scot

Dr Justine Geyer, Principal Research Officer
Jacqueline Rae, Senior Research Officer

Strategy Unit (within Strategy, Elections and Freedom of Information Division)   About the team

Aileen McIntosh, Senior Research Officer:
Tel: 0131 244 5646; Email: aileen.mcintosh@gov.scot