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Call for Proposals - Q&A

Question: What is the funding model?  Is it 100% FEC and inclusive of Estates and Indirects?

Answer: We will fund projects up to a maximum cost of £50,000. The underlying funding model is for the applicants to agree, but should be specified in the proposal.

Question: Is there a date by which research must be completed?

Answer: Projects are expected to commence by March 2018. We have no expectation or requirement around the duration of projects, but the costs applied for should be appropriate for the project duration.

Question: Looking at the bulleted headings listing what the case for support should set out, do we need to follow them strictly as set out in our proposal?

Answer: The headings in proposals do not  need to be in the same order as set out in the Call for Proposals, but all of the headings in the Call should be addressed in the proposal.

Question: Is there a maximum number of projects that will be funded? I.e. is there a total budget limit for all the projects being commissioned through this call?

Answer: No – our budget is still being finalised, but we anticipate funding a number of projects.

Question: Projects must begin by 1 March; may they start earlier than this? 

Answer: Yes. Projects can begin earlier than the 1 March.

Question: Projects are meant to ‘grow the evidence base’; can they also grow the thinking base and explore critical questions about concepts?

Answer: We will consider proposals of this nature. However the aim of all activities should be to draw out implications for policy and practice, and in our assessments we will be prioritising research that helps the Scottish Government and partners take action to improve user experience

Question: Is there a specific time by which applications must be submitted on Friday 15th December?

Answer: There is no specific time, but applications must be received by us by Friday 15th December.

Question: is the eligibility for this call for proposals limited to Scottish Higher Education Institutes ?

Answer: We will accept applications where the lead applicant is a Scottish Higher Education Institute (HEI). We welcome applications where practitioners are part of an HEI led team, and also applications from consortiums of UK based HEIs where the lead applicant is a Scottish HEI.

Question: Who should applications be sent to?

Answer: Applications should be sent to the Justice Analysts Inbox - Justice_Analysts@gov.scot , copying in Debbie Headrick – Debbie.headrick@gov.scot