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Jury research

Jury research

This important research project will consider jury decision making processes in relation to jury size, majority rulings and the three verdict system, and will gather evidence to inform future reform of the criminal justice system in Scotland. 

The research is a direct result of Lord Bonomy’s Post-corroboration Safeguards Review (2015) in which he recommended that jury research should be carried out to ensure that any changes to the Scottish jury system are made only on a fully informed basis, including the impact having a three verdict system has on jury decision making.

The contract for undertaking the research has been awarded to Ipsos Mori Scotland, working in collaboration with Professors James Chalmers and Fiona Leverick (University of Glasgow), and Professor Vanessa Munro (University of Warwick). See Scottish Government News Release (Sep 17).

Justice Analytical Services will manage the contract on behalf of the Scottish Government, and a Research Advisory Group has been established to support the research and provide quality assurance. The research is expected to take two years to complete.

The research will comprise primary research into jury decision making and a review of the evidence on jury communications and juror perceptions of pre-recorded evidence.

Further information on the Research Advisory Group is  available to download here:

Action notes of Research Advisory Group meetings

Research outputs

Read the first research report which examines The Impact of Pre-recorded Evidence on Juror Decision-Making here.  Read a summary of the research findings here.

Read the second research report which explores Methods of Conveying Information to Jurors here.                        Read a summary of the research findings here.

For further information please contact Catherine.Bisset@gov.scot .