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Animal Health and Welfare

cows and windfarmOur Animal Health and Welfare research encompasses a wide range of basic and applied strategic research from the investigation of underpinning biology (e.g. the study of disease) and the improvement of ways of measuring animal welfare on farms, to the modelling of disease spread in order to inform government policy on preventing animal disease outbreaks. The key aims and objectives of the research work undertaken within the Animal Health and Welfare portfolio include improving the health of Scotland’s livestock; enhancing the welfare of Scotland’s animals; increasing the economic sustainability of Scotland’s livestock industry; and reducing greenhouse gas emissions arising from the Scottish livestock industry.

Strategic Links

A number of elements within the Scottish Government funded portfolio of Strategic Research are relevant for Animal Health and Welfare. The Food Land and People Programme is aligned with the UK Global Food Security programme and responds to the CAMERAS priority of Optimising the Use of Natural Assets. The Health and Welfare and Food Themes within the Food Land and People Programme integrate our Animal Health and Welfare Research. In addition, the EPIC Centre of Expertise in Animal Disease Outbreaks aims to provide the best available scientific advice to inform government policy on reducing the impact of animal disease outbreaks while the Strategic Partnership in Animal Science Excellence aims to provide high quality scientific research on animal science to inform both industry and government.

Underpinning Policy

Our Animal Health and Welfare research and analysis provides evidence which underpins Scottish Government policy in Farming, Animal Health and Welfare, Food and Drink, Rural Communities, Agriculture, and Rural Payments and Inspections.