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Annual Report on the Impact of the Welfare Reform Act 2012

The Welfare Reform (Further Provision) (Scotland) Act 2012 (Section 4) places an obligation on Scottish Ministers to report annually to the Scottish Parliament until 2017 on the impact that the UK Welfare Reform Act is likely to have on the people of Scotland.

Annual Report- 2016

This fourth report to the Scottish Parliament provides a summary of the impacts of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 on the people of Scotland, primarily focusing on updates on the impacts of provisions in the Act and particular changes in UK policy in relation to provisions in the Act since the publication of 2015 report.

As with previous reports, it outlines the details of Scottish Government's mitigation activities. This year's report contains an additional chapter describing the new powers in the Scotland Act 2016, which provide opportunities for the Scottish Government to set its own social security polices in the areas of devolved responsibility.

You can access the fourth annual report here.

Annual Report- 2015

This third annual report to the Scottish Parliament sets out the impacts of the UK Welfare Reform Act 2012 on people in Scotland, as the implementation of the Act’s provisions continues and more data become available.

Although Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment are not yet fully implemented, the report draws on the first emerging evidence about the impact of these key provisions. Furthermore, the report analyses other provisions, including the Benefit Cap, the ‘bedroom tax’ and the new sanction regime, and sets out how the Act have had a significant impact on the people in Scotland.

The Scottish Government’s activity to mitigate the worst impacts of the Act is also presented in the report. This includes the introduction of the Scottish Welfare Fund, the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, the Welfare Reform Resilience Fund and additional support, via the Discretionary Housing Payment scheme, to tackle the ‘bedroom tax’.

Annual Report - 2014

This report to the Scottish Parliament sets out the impacts, as they are understood to date, of the provisions of the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

Although key provisions have note been introduced yet (Universal Credit and the Personal Independence Payment), limiting any impacts here, a range of other key provisions have been implemented over the last year which have had impacts on the poeple of Scotland.  These include the benefit cap, the bedroom tax and the new conditionality/sanctions regime.

The report also sets out the action the Scottish Government has taken to mitigate the worst of these impacts.  This includes the introduction of the Scottish Welfare Fund and the Council Tax Reduction scheme, plus additional support via discretionary housing payments to tackle the bedroom tax.

You can access the second annual report here.

Initial Report - 2013

The purpose of this report is to outline the initial impact of the UK Welfare Reform Act on people in Scotland including:

  • Setting the scene in Scotland by highlighting analysis on the overall impacts of the UK Government’s welfare reforms on individuals in Scotland. This includes analysis being undertaken to inform Scottish Government mitigation of these impacts.
  • The impact of the UK Act on areas which the Scottish Government has legislative competence (Scottish Welfare Fund; Council Tax Reduction Scheme; and Passported Benefits).
  • The impact of Housing Benefit Reforms.

You can access the first annual report here.